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Captain Britain

Welcome to the Cyber Hellfire Club!

Hello, good evening and welcome to the new Cyber Hellfire Club forum.

The CHC was created many years ago by a group of rabid X-Men fans on AOL's now mostly defunct Comics and Anime discussion board.

It pretty much died out as we all went our seperate ways but I've always had a soft spot for the CHC so it seemed a natural choice of title when I created my blog in September 2005.

I've been trying to break into the comic book industry since I was 18 (I'll be thirty this year) and things have really started to take off in the last few months, so the various projects I'm now working on have become a central theme of the blog, and are likely to feature prominently here.

Also featuring prominently are the various fantastically detailed and well researched resources for Magneto fans, produced by my good friend, and fellow charter member of the CHC, Rivka Jacobs. If you've come to this site via the various links to these around the web (such as on Wikipedia and then you're very welcome to have a look around, and feel free to join in with the many and varied discussions I'm hoping will soon begin.

I think the only thing left to do is draw your attention to the link to the main Cyber Hellfire Club site in my sig' below. Check it out, leave a comment, but, above all, have a blast! Forum Index -> Cyber Hellfire Club
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