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Okay, the last post was from RIVKA

See, it's my computer. Or something. The last post wouldn't let me use my username. I was already logged in, but then the post-form asked me for my username, and when I tried to enter my username, I was given the message, "That name is already taken." So I said outloud, "I know, you *^%&$ computer, it's MY name and I am already logged in."

So, I logged out and logged in again. >>sigh<<

Takes a computer-disadvantaged person like me a while to figure things out on message boards.

So, Ian has been kind enough to let me moderate these-here forums, so it's RIVKA here, in case this doesn't register again. And you know he has faith I'll be able to figure out how to do this. Very Happy

Now I'm testing the "post reply" function, as opposed to the "quote" function.

And I've noted -- as has happened on other message boards with dial-up AOL -- I keep getting "logged out." Sometimes when I click on a new window, like going from a topic to "reply" -- I get logged out. Even if I have checked the "remember me" box at the initial sign on. This is AOL 9.0. It's "security" doesn't seem to stop the spammers, but it stops me from enjoying the websites I want to enjoy. To say nothing of what happens when I try to watch video clips, no matter what player I have downloaded.

Anyway, let's see if this works.
Captain Britain

The forum is truly in safe hands with you, Rivka. We just need some people to start posting now! A slow burner, to be sure.

We could probably do with losing the threads about my art as all that stuff's up on the Visionary site now. It would be nice to see this space grow and devlop fairly there's anyone out there....what would you like? (Other than to sell me dodgy motorcycle helmets....). Forum Index -> Cyber Hellfire Club
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